Thuistezien 52 — 13.05.2020

Lockdown with Gregor Schneider I
Intro and office

With Gregor Schneider’s ‘Tote Räume’, West Den Haag is not only realising the first solo exhibition of a world-famous artist in The Netherlands, but also a project in which Schneider is reflecting in an inventive way the underlying connections between art, history, society, and how we are dealing with our heritage. Since the location of the presentation, the former American embassy in The Hague, an icon of reconstruction, and the installation with the remains of Goebbels' birth house play a central role, 'Tote Räume' can also be regarded as a critical archaeological project. How do we deal with traces from the past? Memories of the Second World War, the Cold War, and the now imminent 'war' in the form of terror. Where does nationalism come from? What does a human being need to survive and what does it mean to be isolated?

The exhibition ‘Tote Räume’ by Gregor Schneider will be on display from 29 August. Until then we will post video chats by the artist Gregor Schneider with the director West Den Haag, Marie-José Sondeijker in the online section Thuistezien. The short insights show the working environment of the artist in six parts: Intro & Office, Storage 1, Care Ride, Big Storage, Goebbels Birth House, House u r + interview.