Thuistezien 51 — 12.05.2020

100 Birthday
Vilém Flusser

Livestream, links, schedule and more info:
(12.05.2020, 12:00 PM — 12:00 AM CEST)

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we were forced to postpone our festival in Robion, France in honour of Vilém Flusser`s 100th birthday. At the present time, we are hoping to put on that festival in September 2020.
Since we had all prepared to celebrate, the decision has been made to try to do an online celebration on Vilém’s birthday May 12th 2020, from 12pm to 12am CET. For anyone who knows Flusser’s late writings it is an interesting irony that we will celebrate telematically, face to face, mediated by screens and the apparatus of the internet, and we would like to explore this telematic condition fully in a Flusserian manner during the birthday celebrations. One advantage of the online celebration is of course that everyone around the world will be able to participate from the relative comfort of their homes.

We welcome all kinds of contributions, from lectures and speeches to musical performances. We will host discussions and experiment with Flusserian discourse and dialog structures presented in Kommunikologie.