Thuistezien 55 — 16.05.2020

Symptom Bauhaus
Hans D. Christ

The interview with curator Hans D. Christ about the exhibition ‘Symptom Bauhaus’ gives a rich introduction into his and co-curator Iris Dressler’s take on the materials, emphasizing that there is not just one way to read their layered connections. The first thirty minutes of the interview are an introduction into the motivation and interest of the curators’ research and collection followed by Christ explaining the historical connotations room by room. He concludes that the entire exhibition developed towards the moment of the contemporary, wherein artworks played a vital role. By rereading and resituating historic and current developments the contemporary artworks in the exhibition sparked new awareness of the possibilities of restructuring historical knowledge. The whole exhibition was a means to criticize and deconstruct our given reality in order to ‘win future’.

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