Thuistezien 305 — 15.01.2022

Haraway Circle #12
Here and Now and Everywhere

In this closing session of the Haraway Circles series, we will circle back through the most resonant and dissonant themes of the foregoing circles, applying what we have learned and observed to the challenges we all face in the here and now. From ‘Make Kin not Babies’ and concerns over ‘population’ to the military industrial complex and its relations to climate change, from reproductive rights, techno-feminism, eco-feminism, and Haraway’s radical past-human socialism. Together we will patiently stay with the trouble and allow the difficulties to fully unfold, grappling with what emerges and plotting projects for propitious prospects.

The Harwaway Circle is a series of readings and artistic encounters convened by Baruch Gottlieb. The Haraway reading circle is open to anyone who would like to read Haraway regardless of previous experience. The session will begin with an introductory exploration of the days theme elaborating key concepts. This is followed by the circle taking turns reading from Haraway out loud, breaking to elaborate uncertainties, ideas and emergent curiosities. The session concludes with a synthetic discussion.

ONLINE Haraway Circle #12
A series of readings and artistic encounters
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