Thuistezien 263 — 12.05.2021

Arma Agharta
Onze Ambassade Festival 2019

In 2019, West organised the first ‘Onze Ambassade Festival’; two days of experimental, but above all challenging and innovative musical performances, as well as a chance to experience the intriguing interior of the former American embassy as part of the annual UIT Festival Den Haag. The UIT Festival is The Hague tradition aimed at welcoming new and returning students to the city and reigniting the life of the city, and kicking off the cultural season after the quiet, dormant Summer months.

Arma Agharta is a sound performance artist and promoter from Lithuania, devoted to improvised and experimental music. Agharta got involved in the worldwide underground 20 years ago by publishing zines, running a label, playing in bands and organising shows. Since 2007 he has performed over 550 times all over the world. His intense, high energy shows span a broad territory from the eruptions of chaotic noise, hypnotic psychedelic ritual to dadaist humour.

For this special occasion, Agartha performs by himself and a personal collection of peculiar electronic instruments, from professional to children's toys. Agartha blends an artificial, unnatural, electric soundscape with a vulnerable, yet confident human devotion. Through this juxtaposition, Agartha manages to humanise the sonic excursion into the unknown he leads us on. The whimsical virtuoso haphazardly prances through a chaotic soundscape, exuding authentic enjoyment and a playfulness far too often absent in electronic music. This infectious character, with his light-hearted essence creates an atmosphere of positivity, for the sound, the performing, and ultimately for existing.

Text: Hendrik Hohlfeld