Thuistezien 197 — 05.03.2021

Thijs Jaeger

With a compulsively atmospheric soundtrack, Thijs Jaeger drags the listener into his completely unexpected playlist. By linking music fragments and a meditative video, the artist creates a ritual for himself. For him, collecting analog music on vinyl records combined with digital music offers an escape from lockdown. The working method reflects his previous work, in which the search for a new visual language and a fascination with the obscure takes shape in a contemporary myth. With this new work Jaeger shares his personal ritual, the 'healing', with the listener/viewer.

Video/Mix: Thijs Jaeger
Special Thanks: Sandor Dayala en Eddy Rakovic

A World Of Madness - Silent Hill 2
Wheel Of Fortune - William Basinki
The Plateau Which The Zephyr Of Flora Occupies
Faith and Reverence - Biosphere
Schlafen - Jun Konagaya
Et3rnel - LOG
Azure-Lidded Woman (Pregnant Womb Of Non) - Zero Kama
Saxenburgh / pepys/ aurora - Andrew Pekler
Spirit in Prison - Yves Tumor
The Gamelan Of The Walking Warriors : Gamelan Beleganjur and the Music of the Ngaben
Funerary Ritual in Bali
Flora Yin Wong - Loci I
Wall Paper - Woo
Atalaku - Crystallmess
Begleitung Für Tuba - Ursula Bogner
Amn15-05 - Whylie
Days Like This - Goran Besov