Thuistezien 18 — 09.04.2020

Tote Räume I
Gregor Schneider

‘Experiences affect all the senses and are based on an unfathomable world.’ Gregor Schneider collects spaces, and then presents them in existing spaces. It is a doubling of spaces, rooms, people and objects. Gregor Schneider did win the prestigious prize ‘the Golden Lion’ of the 49th Venice Biennale with his solo exhibition ‘Totes Haus u r Venice 2001’. At the time Schneider converted the German pavilion into a similar, double-walled and ambiguous house in a house like the one in Rheydt. ‘You build what you can no longer know,’ Gregor Schneider about that installation. With ‘Tote Räume’, West not only wants to introduce an internationally important artist to the Netherlands, but above all to realise a project that reflects on current issues in a relevant way.

The opening of the exhibition is now scheduled for 29 August, and in the meantime we will be paying regular attention to Gregor Schneider in the form of video material, chats and updates about the project in the Thuistezien section.

Video: First the fascinating report on the controversial artist and his work by Ben Lewis for BBC/Art Safari.