Thuistezien 15 — 06å.04.2020

Lost in Time
Patrick Bernatchez

Everyone experiences at some point how time can change functions in life. An hour can go very fast when we're having fun, but at the same time the same time segment can last forever. Time is elusive. In 2015, West organised a symposium entitled 100 Years from Now that examined our turbulent relationship to time. Recently we have experienced that the world can change drastically; and that makes it even more difficult to relate to the future. It is easier to comprehend time by looking backwards, rather than forward. The work of Canadian artist Patrick Bernatchez was part of 100 Years from Now. The trailer of Lost in Time shows a special watch where a special watch in which the needle goes around one time in 1,000 years. With a soundtrack by Murcof with children's choir Les petits Chanters du Mont-Royals (inspired by the Goldberg Variations by JS Bach).