Thuistezien 12 — 03.04.2020

Able Noise
Onze Ambassade Festival 2019

The Hague/Athens based baritone guitar/drum duo of Alex and George, indecisively standing on the thin border between pop rock and noisy free jazz. With the help of tapes and by often employing alternative methods of playing their instruments they create a rather visual musical performance. They perform with a very stripped and minimal set up, highlighting the physicality of the performance, and creating a very intimate experience between themselves and the audience. Although they focus on experimental music, it is presented in a way even the un-experienced audience member will find relatable and inviting due to the melodies and lyrics. They refrain from putting out recorded material with the intention of not influencing the concert experience.
Performed at the Onze Ambassade Festival 2019, in the Alphabetum.

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