Thuistezien 113 — 14.11.2020

Marc Aschenbrenner
6 Ameisen

Are we looking at an absurd launch of a new COVID-19 clothing-line? Not exactly. Though, as we are in the midst of a pandemic, the figures in this video work by Marc Aschenbrenner might not surprise us as much as they could have a year ago. The Austrian artist shows six different, anonymous figures that mechanically act out activities, in their solitary universe. For the exhibition ‘Haunted Home’ that was on show at West in 2013, Aschenbrenner presented two videos, with ‘6 Ameisen’ as one of them.

Only by looking at the in-latex-suited-figures, it already creates a sense of restriction. The title of the piece hints that these anonymous characters function within the same system, with its own hierarchy, yet they look completely detached from one another. And also somewhat deranged.

Aschenbrenner’s background as a painter reflects in this video work: the shapes, colors and compositions gradually come together in the scene, which reminds of a tableau vivant. ‘6 Ameisen’ was already shown at West seven years ago, though the disconnected atmosphere and separateness remind us of the situation we are living in today.

6 Ameisen, 2012, (excerpt) 15 min, HD video, color, sound.