Onze Ambassade Festival #6
07.09.2024, 20:00 — 02:00
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Onze Ambassade Festival #6

Saturday 07.09.2024 — 20:00 tot 02:00 hrs.
West Den Haag, vml. Amerikaanse ambassade, Lange Voorhout 102, Den Haag

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Artists (in no particular order)
Jota Mombaça, Rudolf Herz, Charles van Otterdijk, Guido Spring, Rachid Novaire, Megabasse, Jessica Ekomane, Salenta en Topu, Sc’ööf, Mun Sing en Julien Hairon and many more.

This year, we proudly celebrate the sixth edition of the Onze Ambassade Festival. We kick off the cultural season with an interdisciplinary festival that brings together diverse art forms and offers a preview of what West has to offer in the coming year.

In the iconic building designed by Marcel Breuer, once the American embassy, you can enjoy an evening featuring three brand-new exhibitions and the premiere of the sound portrait by Guido Spring. The program is further enhanced with danceable music by local DJs and an extensive international music lineup, curated by Alex Andropoulos.

In the front and side wing of the old embassy building, you can view exhibitions showcasing new works by Jota Mombaça, Charles van Otterdijk, and Rudolf Herz. In the auditorium and garage, there will be live performances by Megabasse, Jessica Ekomane, Salenta and Topu, Sc’ööf, Mun Sing, and Julien Hairon. This extensive lineup is complemented by various DJ sets in the Alphabetum.

With this diverse offering, we aim to showcase the richness of contemporary art while introducing the broader public to what is happening at West in the former embassy. This cultural mix, in the heart of The Hague’s Museum Quarter, sets the stage for a new year filled with challenges and projects. We want to engage and invite you to follow West Den Haag in the coming period. Besides the music program, the exhibitions will also be open throughout the evening.

The first weekend of September also marks the start of the cultural season with the Spotlight Festival The Hague. The entire city will be buzzing with activities. Come along and experience it for yourself!

You are more than welcome!